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Knowledge and ready to use tools created, curated & updated on a monthly basis.


Tools of the Trade

Tools you can use right away. For a better communication.

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Watch & Listen

Webinars & Podcasts on different aspects of our life. Starring professional trainers.

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Articles about seeking counterstory, our America and more. Food for thought.

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Create a Culture of Belonging

Time and again, we meet clients and prospective clients who are reluctant to speak up because they don’t have the tools they need to do so in a safe, authentic, and courageous way.


Epoch Solutions

As the world’s leading Equity Consultants we are transforming the way people engage with each other at home, school, and work. Professionally, we are lawyers, teachers, facilitators, coaches, and consultants—but personally, we all share the mission and vision of building a more inclusive world one relationship at a time.

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