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Whenever you want to step up the game of DEI this is the place. We present ready to use tools that you can benefit from in your environment – building a better communication one conversation at a time.

Website RIR Protocol

RIR Protocol

Whether you’re addressing complex topics like issues of race, gender, disability, the LGBTQ+ community, and educational equality, or navigating simpler terrain, the RIR Protocol gives you a roadmap for constructive conversations that you can use in any situation.

Website SM Equity Audit

Social Media Audit

The Social Media Audit is designed to help us evaluate our inner circle by taking a close look at who is in it and more importantly, who is not. This is an opportunity for us to see where we might be able to grow personally and/or professionally by expanding who we interact with.

Website Bibliography


Want to diversify your library? This bibliography provides a comprehensive list of resources from a diverse group of writers for both students and adults.

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