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Better Outcomes begin with an Epoch Education

Too often, in our workplaces, schools, and communities, we don’t know if we’re valued… or if we simply provide value. We don’t know if our differences will be accepted, or if we should try to hide them and do our best to conform. Simply put, we don’t know if we belong.

Why does it matter? Because an authentic sense of belonging cultivates engagement, investment, and collective ownership. It promotes problem-solving and nurtures leadership.

Belonging creates better outcomes for everyone.

The cornerstone of belonging is communication… which is the biggest struggle in almost every organization.

That’s where we come in.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training that keeps relationships front and center.

Your team’s Epoch Education will go beyond lectures on the concepts of DEI. Because we’re not here to call you out. We’re here to invite you forward. Our work is interactive, collaborative, and focused on open communication facilitated by our Compassionate DialogueⓇ framework. You’ll learn new skills that remove fear and build trust, safety, and compassion, and you’ll practice them together.

Your team will walk away better able to…

  • Productively engage in tough discussions on sensitive topics
  • Uncover hidden biases
  • Help everyone feel seen, safe, heard, and valued
  • Support clearer, more productive communication
  • Empower creative, compassionate problem solving
  • Create an environment where everyone can contribute their best
  • Make it easier for people to give and receive feedback
  • Assess how equity work is affecting the culture and climate of your organization

We’ll give you practical tools and frameworks that increase your team’s cultural competency and encourage them to embrace their full potential.

You can create a culture of belonging.
We’ll show you how.

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Equity Communication Training

We have solutions for every budget, schedule, and commitment level. Here are just a few.

People in a group talking

Equity Learning Series

Support and cultivate your organization's internal capacity to create communities of belonging. For organizations new to equity work, in crisis, or ready to be proactive.


Equity Learning In Action Series

Develop a common language and lens to lead equity conversations and projects using the RIR Protocol™ - a framework for Compassionate Dialogue®. For organizations currently committed to and practicing equity, and ready for deep internal work.

Group of culurally diverse people with their hands together

Creating and Sustaining Equity Series

Apply the RIR Protocol™ to an actionable equity focus area. For organizations ready to go beyond allyship to anti-opression.


Epoch Student

A curriculum designed especially for high school students including online access, a student workbook, and an adult guide for each course.

Not sure what you need?

Contact us today and we’ll find—or create—a program that fits.

  • student_2

    of students with a sense of belonging will step in when someone is treating another person with disrespect**

  • employee

    of employees agree a sense of belonging drives organizational performance***

    ***Global Human Capital Trends
  • student

    of middle school students don’t feel a sense of belonging at school**

    *Harvard Business Review
  • performance

    increase in job performance among employees who feel they belong

    *Harvard Business Review

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