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Training The World For Diversity

We provide training and resources to support our evolving world.

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On demand 24/7 access to professional development that changes lives. Real –time chat with coaches and graduate credits.

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Combine theory and practice with bi-monthly “playlists” that provide strategies and inspiration that can be implemented immediately in your classroom.

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One-hour equity-focused, culturally responsive, and Common Core ready downloadable lesson plans.

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FREE resources that are timely and relevant, including books, articles, videos, and websites to help you deepen your understanding of equity and take the steps needed to impact others.

Our Team

Nancy J. Dome P.H.D

Dr. Nancy Dome


Dr. Nancy Dome has been impacting children and educators for over 20 years. Starting her career as a Child Care Worker, she has always had a strong desire to support the At-risk student population.

Dora Dome Esq

Dora Dome, Esq.


Dora J. Dome has practiced education law for 15 years and through the Law Offices of Dora J. Dome, focuses primarily in the areas of student issues and special education.



Suzanne supports Epoch Education in developing integrated social marketing,  blogging, website development and maintenance.  She is working to develop and market Conversation Starters Decks

Laura Chism


19 years of experience in Special Education both as a teacher and an administrator.  She specializes in IEP planning and program development, due process filling support, and staff development.

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Latest News

What Our Clients Say

R.K. Schroeder, Twin Rivers Unified School District

Thank you for validating my philosophy of education.  My daily reinforcement to my students… “you are my kids, we are family, I will hold you accountable, and I will love you.”  It’s worked with all students.

E. Wallace, Twin Rivers Unified School District

“I’ve been to a couple of culturally responsive workshops, and you by far have presented (somewhat) similar messages in the most engaging manner where I feel very respected”

Liang Somers, Dominican University of California

“Race and diversity are really important topics to cover as a district.  I like how you didn’t dumb it down.  The power to discuss and find understanding is key to change!”

Jennifer Tokarski, Dominican University of California

“So much to think about. (This) made me think more about my own classroom and how I can improve the equity inside of it. Very Powerful! Thanks!”

Lauren Hinxmann, Novato Unified School District

“Thank you for a fabulous day. I feel passionate about ensuring my class and school site is culturally relevant, but have felt my focus shift to content lately. It is nice to feel impassioned again.”

Cindy Griggs, Novato Unified School District

“I really enjoy my time with you. The discussions are rich, deep, and meaningful. I feel more prepared for ‘next steps’ because the topics/ideas of cultural proficiency are becoming clearer. I’m heading back to my classroom with my cultural lens on, ready to grow. Thank you!”

Michelle Drake, San Juan Unified School District


“Thank you for your dedication and work on cultural justice. This time spent with you was informative and necessary. This starts with us and I’m excited to reflect and take action.”

Araceli Loayza, California Conservation Corps


“Thank you for being honest & able to help us get out of our comfort zone. Thank you for being the voice of education. I hope we can do more (longer) events like your presentation.”

Greta Huang, Monterrey Peninsula Unified School District


“… I’m stoked and honored that I was challenged today to stand up and be an advocate for my students. I’m ready! Thanks for your time today!”

Mayra Wallen, Berryessa Unified School District


“ Thank you for your passion to improve interpersonal relations among human beings through the lens of cultural respect and compassion.”

Unknown, Monterrey Peninsula Unified School District


“ The argument the people of color are up against a system of discrimination that enforces “whiteness” is valid – although still complicated.  Dramatically, as pointed out at the beginning of the presentation, this is the land of opportunity. And we do not want to reduce people to “Blackness” or “whiteness”. Thank you, I will indeed be “continuing” this conversation.”

Jennifer Hunter, John Muir Charter Schools


“This was great! We always have thought provoking speakers. However, this was by far the best one we’ve had in the 6 ½ years I have been with James. I will use the strategies and the challenge to question, educate, and really see my relationships with students and education. We do good work here, but this is a powerful approach to take it further. Thank you!”

Lori Hewitt, Novato Unified School District


“I learned so much about how to coach my staff in this process of becoming culturally competent. We are on our way with administrator support and a great collaborative team. I am so excited to do this work. I am inspired. Nancy, I want to work more closely with you. You are an inspiration! You have opened my eyes.”

Unknown, Novato Unified School District


“A fish does not notice the water it swims in.”  (I don’t know who to credit this quote from – you?)  The conversation starters gave our staff the opportunity to begin to build a safe place for us to discuss race, and what impact differences in race are.  They provided an opportunity to begin discussions we normally wouldn’t start, that might make us uncomfortable.  Using the cards we were able to begin new conversations through a now shifting lens of cultural relevance and,  deepen our perspectives and understandings.  We should probably use these for the first five minutes of every staff meeting!

Unknown, Novato Unified School District


Many teachers, especially, predominantly white women teachers (like me) are still working on the premise that being “color blind” will help with the equity in our classrooms.  We desperately want to believe we, the world, is not racist.  That racism was eradicated.  When looking at equity, we have to understand that this is not working.  This is actually whitewashing everything.  Most conversation starters are not from the perspective of one race to another, so it was interesting to try to evaluate our own perspective while beginning a conversation started from a perspective other than our own.  Some of our staff was surprised at how uncomfortable they were trying to respond with “political correctness” – while grasping at a true connection with the perspective that the starter may have had.  We should probably use these for the first five minutes of every staff meeting!

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