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Dr. Nancy Dome

What Our Clients Say

I am happy to write this letter of recommendation for Dr. Nancy Dome.  She was our keynote speaker for our District’s Welcome back event in august.  We had over 900 employees, both classified and certificated in attendance and she kept everyone in the gymnasium captivated by her message.

Dr. Dome was motivating and appropriate.  She studied our District demographics and came prepared.  Our employees received a much better understanding of the importance of equity within an educational setting.  She drew clear lines between the “why” to the “how,” as she outlined how equity transformation can be a reality.  We appreciated and benefited from her dedication to making schools a place where everyone can succeed.  I highly recommend her as a keynote speaker to any school district.  She was energizing, engaging and timely with her message!

Sherry SmithAssistant Superintendent, Educational Services, San Juan Unified School DistrictTestimonial SJUSD

Thank you for validating my philosophy of education.  My daily reinforcement to my students… “you are my kids, we are family, I will hold you accountable, and I will love you.”  It’s worked with all students.

R.K. Schroeder

I’ve been to a couple of culturally responsive workshops, and you by far have presented (somewhat) similar messages in the most engaging manner where I feel very respected

E. Wallace

“Race and diversity are really important topics to cover as a district. I like how you didn’t dumb it down. The power to discuss and find understanding is key to change!”

Liang Somers

“So much to think about. (This) made me think more about my own classroom and how I can improve the equity inside of it. Very Powerful! Thanks!”

Jennifer Tokarski

“Thank you for a fabulous day. I feel passionate about ensuring my class and school site is culturally relevant, but have felt my focus shift to content lately. It is nice to feel impassioned again.”

Lauren Hinxmann

“I really enjoy my time with you. The discussions are rich, deep, and meaningful. I feel more prepared for ‘next steps’ because the topics/ideas of cultural proficiency are becoming clearer. I’m heading back to my classroom with my cultural lens on, ready to grow. Thank you!”

Cindy Griggs

“Thank you for your dedication and work on cultural justice. This time spent with you was informative and necessary. This starts with us and I’m excited to reflect and take action.”

Michelle Drake

“Thank you for being honest & able to help us get out of our comfort zone. Thank you for being the voice of education. I hope we can do more (longer) events like your presentation.”

Araceli Loayza

“ I think that this was great but, even as you are telling us to be open, I feel you “win” – Ms. Dome’s perspective is it – I loved learning about the other side and that was awesome…but it seems still that white people are the problem, also you made a ton of generalizations still. That get me going because I don’t feel I am “that”. Over all I was impressed after today & wish todays conversation was one we could have had the first day. I’m stoked and honored that I was challenged today to stand up and be an advocate for my students. I’m ready! Thanks for your time today!”

Greta Huang

“ Thank you for your passion to improve interpersonal relations among human beings through the lens of cultural respect and compassion.”

Myra Wallen

“ The argument the people of color are up against a system of discrimination that enforces “whiteness” is valid – although still complicated.  Dramatically, as pointed out at the beginning of the presentation, this is the land of opportunity. And we do not want to reduce people to “Blackness” or “whiteness”. Thank you, I will indeed be “continuing” this conversation.”


“This was great! We always have thought provoking speakers. However, this was by far the best one we’ve had in the 6 ½ years I have been with James. I will use the strategies and the challenge to question, educate, and really see my relationships with students and education. We do good work here, but this is a powerful approach to take it further. Thank you!”

Jennifer Hunter

“I learned so much about how to coach my staff in this process of becoming culturally competent. We are on our way with administrator support and a great collaborative team. I am so excited to do this work. I am inspired. Nancy, I want to work more closely with you. You are an inspiration! You have opened my eyes.”

Lori Hewitt


Terri Rhodes

Lauren Hinxman
5th Grade Teacher

Michelle Drake
4th Grade Teacher

Jennifer Dudley
Literary Coach & Grant Facilitator

Cindy Griggs
1st Grade Teacher