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We’re leading the way in educating the multi-cultural leaders of the world tomorrow and now.

Our mission is to support each client we serve to sustainably embed self-reflection, compassionate communications, and collaboration practices into their organizational culture.


Our Vision

Epoch Education is a communication consulting company that provides experiential learning and implementation frameworks and tools to organizations seeking to create more progressive, equitable, and effective climates and cultures.

Our Team

As the world’s leading facilitator-coaches, we transform how people engage with each other at home, school, and work. Professionally, we are lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants — but personally, we all share the mission and vision of building a more inclusive world, one relationship at a time.

Our Clients & Partners

Schools, school districts, companies, non-profits, and leaders around the world are our partners in a journey towards greater equity and belonging.

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If you're looking for a company that values teamwork, initiative, and innovation, the choice is clear—you belong at Epoch Education

Let us help you customize diversity and inclusion training for your organization

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