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RIR Protocol™

Effective communication isn’t a soft skill. It’s a life skill. ...one that far too many of us don’t have—especially when it comes to uncomfortable situations.

Download your FREE copy of the RIR Protocol™ and get started today.


The Epoch Education RIR Protocol™ is a simple 3-step framework proven to help tough conversations go beyond conflict and invite understanding, empathy, and connection.

Whether you’re addressing complex topics like issues of race, gender, disability, the LGBTQ+ community, and educational equality, or navigating simpler terrain, the RIR Protocol™ gives you a roadmap for constructive conversations that you can use in any situation.

It’s been shown to…

  • Help people feel seen, safe, heard, and valued
  • Support clearer, more productive communication
  • Empower creative, compassionate problem solving
  • Successfully facilitate tough discussions on sensitive topics
  • Open minds and transform communities

Create a culture where people appreciate each other’s differences and give each other the freedom to be their best.

Download your FREE copy of the RIR Protocol™ and get started today.

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