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December 12, 2020

Conversation Starter Cards


Conversation Starters and other products are provided to support teachers, students, and others put into practice many of the ideas that our courses expand upon. We are, after all, training the world for diversity one conversation at a time. Card decks are $25 with free shipping.

Download Epoch’s Conversation Starter Card ™RIR Protocol”to use with the decks here


Conversation Starters Deck – Adult : Adult

Adult/Adult cards are for adult interactions at school. Work together with your colleagues to have meaningful and compassionate dialogue around common difficult topics.

Conversation Starters Deck – Adult : Teen

Teen/Adult cards are for adult & teen interactions at school. Adults and teens can explore typical difficult to address scenarios that occur between teens and adults.

Conversation Starters Deck – Teen : Teen

Conversation Starters Deck – General

Our general deck offers ways to explore issues that come up in daily life & conversation but do not necessarily focus on education.

Conversation Starters Deck – Sampler

Our sampler deck gives you a mixture of scenarios from each of our four other decks.  


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