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Ready, Set, Pause: What To Do Before Launching a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy

Diversity is defined as the unique backgrounds and lived experiences that collectively make up the human experience. It includes social signifiers, including national origin, language, race, ethnicity, color, physical and mental ableness, gender, gender identity, age, spirituality, religion, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status. It also includes education, work, and family obligations.

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As an administrator, when thinking about acquiring diversity and inclusion training for staff, it is beneficial to ask yourself two questions “Is the top priority for my organization compliance? Or true equality?” It is important to remember that cultural competence offers the ability to understand, appreciate, and interact with persons from cultures and/or belief systems other than one’s own and apply insights learned for better outcomes. To that end, check out the list we’ve compiled to help you determine how ready your workplace is to support equity training. If the aspects below are already in place, then you are well on your way to building a strong inclusive and emotionally intelligent culture. Whether you answered yes to every example or not, Epoch Education has a wide array of educational offerings that will successfully meet you where you are needs wherever you happen

Does your school district/company include the following:

  • Equal pay for men and women performing the same roles
  • Recruiting practices that include under-represented schools
  • Training or apprenticeship programs to invest in preparing under-represented groups to fill roles
  • Flexible schedules, remote work
  • Paid parental leave for men and women, married or unmarried
  • Subsidized child care or elder care
  • Mentoring for under-represented groups

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