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Feeling Guilt Over a Past Conversation? Compassionate Dialogue is the Key to Setting that Burden Down.

Can you think of conversations from your past that you wish you’d handled differently? If so, you’re not alone—most of us can. Wouldn’t it be nice to set the regret, shame, or guilt about those events down?

You can. You just need to learn how to implement Compassionate Dialogue and the RIR Protocol™.

These powerful techniques offer a healthy way to move on. They teach us how to set boundaries regarding how we engage with people. And, if someone violates those boundaries, they help us clear the air and move forward.

Can you imagine how freeing that is?

If you’re waiting for another person’s apology or forgiveness, you’re at their mercy. If the other person can’t or won’t deliver that closure, it becomes impossible to move forward. The beauty of the RIR Protocol is you don’t need the other person’s apology or forgiveness.

You can take responsibility for resolving the situation yourself.

That means external factors no longer steer your life. I’ve messed up more than my share, I assure you. Most of my mistakes don’t weigh on my conscience, though. I’ve been able to resolve them through the RIR.

So, let me ask you again: Are you still carrying things that are actually long gone?

Then please, let me invite you to finally—finally!—set those burdens down.

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