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Free Summer Book Study, Faces at the Bottom of the Well

  • StartJuly 6, 2020
  • Time12:00 P.M Pacific Time
  • EndJuly 30, 2020
  • VenueOnline

Free Summer Book Study with Dr. Dora J. Dome
Faces at the Bottom of the Well

In Faces at the Bottom of the Well, civil rights activist and legal scholar Derrick Bell uses allegory and historical example to argue that racism is an integral and permanent part of American society. African American struggles for equality are doomed to fail so long as the majority of whites do not see their own well-being threatened by the status quo. Bell calls on African Americans to face up to this unhappy truth and abandon a misplaced faith in inevitable progress. Only then will blacks, and those whites who join with them, be in a position to create viable strategies to alleviate the burdens of racism. “Freed of the stifling rigidity of relying unthinkingly on the slogan ‘we shall overcome,'” he writes, “we are impelled both to live each day more fully and to examine critically the actual effectiveness of traditional civil rights remedies.”

Course Link:  The course link will be emailed to you prior to week one.

Week 1 July 6th – Foreword, Preface, Ch 1
Week 2 July 14th – Ch 2 – 4
July 16, 12:00 P.M Zoom meeting with Dora
Week 3 July 20th – Ch 5 – 7
Week 4 July 27th – Ch 8 – Epilogue
July 30, 12:00 P.M Zoom meeting with Dora

Meeting ID: 510 301 6667
Password: DDL

Dora J. Dome, J.D., attorney, author, professor and renowned speaker has practiced Education Law for over 20 years, focusing on student issues and special education.

Ms. Dome’s legal compliance trainings provide up-to-date information and guidance on how to ’stay legal’ in the areas of Special Education, Student Discipline, Counseling and Mandated Reporting, Sexual Harassment, Discriminatory Harassment and Section 504. Ms. Dome has published several books that provide guidance to administrators and families on the student discipline process, which is also available in Spanish. She was a keynote panelist for the Gay & Lesbian Athletics Foundation presentation on “Race and Racism in LGBT Athletics” and presented at the NCAA Black Coaches Association Annual Conference on “Homophobia in Sports.” She also lecturers at the University of California at Berkeley for the Education Law and Policy in Principal Leadership Institute (PLI) Program.

In her spare time, Dora enjoys traveling, staying active through various sports activities, and spending time with her family and her new grandbaby.



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