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Communities of Belonging 2021 Online Mastery Series & Virtual Institute

  • StartJune 9, 2021
  • EndJune 11, 2021
  • VenueTBD

Communities of Belonging 2021
Online Mastery Series & Virtual Institute

If you truly want to understand the principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, you don’t need a better textbook. You need a better community.

A community where…
you don’t have to know all the answers
mistakes are expected and accepted
your curiosity and desire to grow are valued
uncomfortable conversations support relationship and growth
grace is extended and reciprocated
and repair is part of the process

You need a Community of Belonging.
Equity is about people. Shouldn’t your equity work
be personal? With Communities of Belonging, it is.
Development Tracks

Online Mastery Series
February – June 2021
A transformative experience leading up to the Communities
of Belonging Virtual Institute.

5 monthly 90-minute deep dive sessions with our founders, Nancy, Jon, and Eddie
Opportunity for in-depth learning and reflection
Support and tools to integrate equity intelligence into your personal and professional life
Interactive experiences
Relationship-building format
Safe, accessible online sessions

Communities of Belonging
Virtual Institute June 9 – 11

Educational professionals are provided with the tools, skills, and resources to bring equity and belonging into the school communities in their areas of influence.
3 days of interactive online training with a consistent cohort group
Rehearse putting theory into practice
Coffee chats
Breakout sessions
Keynote speakers
Watch party with our founders
Private online community
and more…

Get the details, explore ticket options,
and secure early bird pricing now!



History: The Equity Institute was created to provide a space where we could gather to learn, grow and deepen our understanding of cultural competency through authentic interactions designed to challenge each individual to step into discomfort. Due to the professional status quo, we hardly are afforded opportunities to thoroughly discuss differences regarding, sex, gender, race, socioeconomic status, etc., that deeply influence how we navigate our lives. Without those important conversations, educators and students are faced with the challenge of building a safe relationship without acknowledging those critical aspects. The Equity Institute serves as a bridge to strengthening relationships by diminishing social blind spots.

When we were brainstorming the theme, we landed on “Communities of Belonging” as the through line for each subsequent institute, as we felt that this was the core of all equity work. If we can figure out how to intentionally create spaces where all stakeholders not only feel like they belong, but are empowered to make changes and be who they are, then we could help create a pathway to normalize dialogue about intimate topics that affect all of us. Click here for more information.




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