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CASCWA Virtual State Conference – Transforming Equity Resources into Roadmaps

  • StartApril 26, 2021
  • EndApril 27, 2021
  • VenueOnline

Join Dr. Nancy Dome at the CASCWA Annual State conference:
Workshop Description:
We have all been there…great presentation, great resource and then real life hits and outside some salient points that may impact our thinking or beliefs, we forget to implement (or don’t know how to) what we learned. This session will support educators to use their accumulated resources with facilitation strategies that lead to deeper conversations and opportunities to build support through collaborative implementation. It will model supported risk taking and capacity building using free and accessible tools. Together we will learn to transform static resources into a roadmap for action.  Download the CASCWA flyer here.

Conference Dates:  April 27-27
Where: Online/Zoom
Time:  TBD



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