Welcome! New look, enhanced capacity, and deeper connections

Dear Epoch Community,

We hope you are well and that you found time for good connections with your family, friends, and communities this summer. It has been a year of growth for us, and we are excited to share how we are expanding and refining our services.

Equity has become part of our national dialogue and is on the minds of families, school districts, and corporations alike. To that end, we have been busy streamlining, upgrading and rebranding to best support your needs.

First of all, we are proud to announce the launch of our new website:

  • You will find updated, easy access to enrollment and payment processes for our quality facilitated, independent study, or graduate credit online courses.
  • We have updated the content and search capabilities of our resources page to help you quickly find the exact resource or article you need.

We are building our capacity, so you can build yours:

  • We have brought on an excellent leadership team to keep us grounded in our mission and values as we grow. Find out more on our About and Clients & Partners pages.
  • We are continuing to expand our diverse equity training team so we can meet your increasing need for professional keynote speeches, face-to-face workshops, online training curriculum and equity coaching.

We are getting more connected:

  • You can receive inspiring videos and articles or keep up to date on our experiences in the field by following us on Twitter; and
  • We will be providing tips, tools, reflections and more of your voices and stories on our Blog and Linkedin.

It is a potent, powerful time to be doing this work. We appreciate what each of you bring to the table, and we are very happy to be on the journey with you.