Tools of the Trade

Teaching the history of Japanese American WWII incarceration
A tool for educators and students.
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Plus free resources for educators to use in your classrooms in conjunction with the Orange Story

BLACK HISTORY FLASHCARDSA conversation starter.
An education tool for your kids.
An educational tool for you and your friends and essential for every coffee table.
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Uptown Funk Multiplication Song
Multiplication fun for teachers & students
 Teacher tube

Article: How To Write About Africa
by Binyavanga Wainaina,

Article: Critical Practices for Anti-Bias Education
by Teaching Tolerance, A project of the Southern Poverty Law Center

White Privilege Conference
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Recommended Resources Pg. 2

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Equity Walk Through Tool
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Look at your work environment through a new lens…really see how you are doing to meet the needs of a diverse population. Start to ask the tough questions and bring a new awareness to your space.

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Culturally Relevant reading resources divided by race, grade level, and includes adult literature.

Epoch’s Conversation Starter Cards
™ RIR Protocol
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RIR Protocol Instructions + Worksheet
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