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  • Overcome the bias you may not even know you have.

    We all have them. We all act out of them. But we don’t always know when we’re doing it. So what you think is helpful might be hurtful. Your Epoch Education will enlighten you because if you want to make changes on the outside, you have to start on the inside.

  • For teachers, certain topics within DEI training are now legally required by California and other states.

    Is bias showing in your teaching? States are tracking how schools are performing for DEI issues. So get up to speed on today’s most culturally relevant topics like Implicit Bias, Compassionate Dialogue, and Addressing Microaggressions.

  • For leaders, an Epoch Education is the ultimate form of professional and personal development.

    You will master the ability to lead productive conversations that don’t devolve into destructive arguments. You will acquire and sharpen some of the most important leadership skills—resolving conflicts, practicing self-awareness, and putting smiles on faces and hopes in hearts.

  • You can be virtually trained or coached from almost anywhere.

    If we can’t come to you or if in-person options are out of the question—no problem. Thanks to the Internet and our e-learning technology, we can be miles away but meet face to face. And you can access our online courses and recordings at your convenience and comfort anytime.

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