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Give your teachers the tools to fight negative cultural beliefs and stereotypes.

Your staff may be unknowingly promoting equity barriers instead of destroying them. Our online and in-person DEI training options can turn your teachers into epic multi-cultural educators. We will equip them with innovative ways to create deeper connections with their students.

What teachers love about their Epoch Education: It will make you a better listener. It will give you the power to honor your learners. It will make sure your lessons represent everyone equally.

Cindy Griggs 1st grade teacher, Los Angeles

We provide DEI training to schools in the largest districts in one of the biggest and most diverse states in the U.S.A.

For your school, we can customize DEI training that ensures all your students see themselves well-represented in your classrooms.  So open the eyes of your educators and administrators with an Epoch Education. Together we can create a new foundation for your curriculum. We can redress the bias. We can remove the barriers to building real relationships and forming deeper connections in your school community.


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