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Is the academic performance of your students predictable by race or class?

Are there some strained relationships between your students and educators? Do any of your faculty members feel disconnected, lonely, isolated? Do any of your staff spend more time disciplining than teaching?

An Epoch Education will give your schools the tools to fight negative cultural beliefs and stereotypes. Our DEI consultants and courses can equip your educators with innovative ways to forge deeper connections with students. To build lessons that represent everyone equally. To truly honor your learners.


We provide DEI training to schools in the largest districts in one of the biggest and most diverse states in the U.S.A.

For your district, we can customize DEI training that opens the eyes of your administrators and teachers. Together, we can create a new foundation for your curriculum that ensures all your students see themselves well-represented in your classrooms. We can destroy the barriers to building real relationships and forming deeper connections in your community of schools.

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