This Epoch Life Podcast #11

“How to Use Grief as an Asset”

Grief. It’s something that can make you feel desperate and uncomfortable. Everyone experiences it, but not everyone knows how to understand it. Nancy Dome and Bailee Bennett-Andrade get to sit with Laura Thomas as she shares her journey with grief. We hope you may all have a chance to learn and grow with us in our compassion with ourselves and others. Laura Thomas participated in the TEDx talk; Navigating the World of Grief. Follow this link to check it out.

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This Epoch Life podcast discusses topics related to our diverse world and how to build inclusion. Guests share their lived experiences to enhance listeners’ awareness of different perspectives coming from diverse identities. This podcast is a resource for Epoch Education, a company that trains and transforms with innovative in-person and online equity workshops that support school districts and leaders to build capacity to carry on equity work internally.”