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Implicit Bias (IB) Associate Program

Specific training and coaching for district staff to conduct in house IB sessions to provide CRT foundation throughout the district.


1-Full Day Face-to-Face

  • Implicit Bias Training

10-Week Online Training

  • Assigned Reading
  • Video Clips
  • Action Sheets for Reflection and Integration
  • Video Facilitation-Sample submitted to Epoch for feedback
  • 2-1 Hour Webinars (Check-Ins on Content-WK 5 and WK-8)

1-Full Day Face-to-Face Practice Facilitation Session

  • Practice sections at least 30 minutes per team

Ongoing Coaching and Support Webinars (As Needed)

2-Full Day Co-facilitation/Coaching Sessions for Teams (For District)

Update training material yearly

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