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Equity Leadership Retreats

Who Should Attend

  • Schools and districts whose academic performance for students is predictable by race or economic class
  • Relationships between some students and teachers is strained
  • Some teachers and/or students express feelings of disconnection, loneliness or isolation within the school or district
  • Too few parents are informed and engaged
  • Some teachers, parents and/or students feel that more time is spent on discipline rather than learning

Module 1 – Let’s talk About Race

Attendees learn to recognize personal triggers as we explore district diversity and inclusion issues faced today, how and why they persist, and develop strategies to overcome the barriers that stop us for having the conversations and taking the action needed.

Module 2 – Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

Attendees build capacity to work effectively with students of color, which includes strengthening our capacity to have honest and compassionate dialogue that can help eliminate the achievement disparities that exist in schools and transform school culture.

Module 3 – The Tragedy of Non-ness

Attendees identify exclusionary language that is commonly used (e.g. “non-white”), understand the impact of “non-ness” language on relationships, and learn practical ways to remedy exclusionary language in the workplace.

Module 4 – Get Implicit About Implicit Bias

Attendees explore how unconscious bias and stereotyping affect relationships and take steps to create a strategic roadmap to define or redefine racial and ethnic identity, uncover personal bias, and look at how schools reward some students but not others.


Want to Schedule an ELR for your school, district or County Office of Education?

This is a highly engaging and interactive workshop where Epoch coaches and facilitators put you to work! We use real-world scenarios to help you transform unhealthy culture clashes into healthy and compassionate dialogue with family, friends, colleagues, and students. Contact us for more details to bring this innovative training to your school, district, or county office of education.

... Many of them dropped their resistance, their feelings of separation from one another, and some of their feelings of personal disconnection from these equity issues ...

Kelly C Epoch Equity Trainer

... I enjoyed meeting so many different people and hearing their life experiences- especially the student and parent panel...

Rozina K. Rozina came to the Institute and is now an Equity Trainer with Epoch

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