In the City of South Fulton’s Justice System, Black Women Hold All The Reigns

One year into the creation of the town of South Fulton, Georgia, the city is the first in history which all the criminal justice departments are run by African American Women.  As the November elections near, the country is watching to see if Georgia elects its first woman governor. Read more how Police Chief Sheila Rogers, Chief Judge Tiffany Sellers, Court Administrator Lakesiya Cofield, Chief Court Clerk Ramona Howard, City Solicitor La Dawn Jones and Public Defender Viveca Famber Powell plan to use their leadership to work within the systems to provide guaranteed access, respect for those accused and victims rights.  With guidelines that make sure everyone understands what is happening to them, they hope to change the negative climate and restore faith between law enforcement and  those within the system.  Read more on the Atlanta Voice Here