Glenn Reynolds: Ordinary Americans lead the way to racial healing

It is easy to overlook the progress that is being made by ordinary Americans at a time when political figures have pursued strategies of racial division and agitation. If you leave the politicians, the pundits, and the crazies aside, it is average Americans who are bridging the gaps between racial groups: advocating for acts of compassion and kindness. After the Charleston, South Carolina shooting, more than 15,000 citizens, both black and white, joined hands and marched in a show of love and friendship. Likewise, 20,000 people rallied last week at a multiracial march in Birmingham, Alabama, which could be the largest such march since the days of Martin Luther King Jr. And in Houston, Texas, more than a thousand people of all races gathered at an impromptu memorial for murdered Sheriff’s deputy Darren Goforth. Major media outlets were noticeably absent at all these events, showing there is little time for positivity on their part where race is concerned, one supposes. Even as members of the political class sow division, a progression from hate to healing is growing in the hearts of the American people.  While this too often does not make front page news, we are seeing more and more groups–comprised of multiracial members–springing up to combat the hate preached from the podium. A strong spirit of egalitarianism and kindness runs through the American people. It is one that shows itself over and over again. If we are lucky, our “leaders” will take the hint, and begin to follow the people.  Read the full USA Today, Here