“The #1 Resource for Culturally Responsive Teaching. We create and curate ‘thought capsules’, which are easily digestible ideas, strategies, tools and lessons to improve how you teach.”


Epoch makes professional development accessible and easy so teachers don’t spend hours or days away from class learning. Each ‘thought capsule’ is a quote, podcast, video, or slide that offers a single actionable idea. Like students, you can learn in your classroom every day.


A really great teacher once told us that if we really want to know, know something, we need to immediately practice what we’ve learned. So twice a month, subscribers receive a curated collection of handpicked thought capsules that combine theory and practice in no more than 10-12 minutes. Every playlist includes:

• Curator’s introduction to the inspiration for the playlist and what you’ll learn.
• Between 3-5 thought capsules to inspire and ignite your thinking.
• A ‘Do Just One Thing’ call to action to help you immediately put what you learn into practice.

Educational change agent, mobilizing conscious leaders to create spaces that help the most underserved populations learn, grow and thrive.


Epoch educators are as diverse as the students we serve. Some still teach in classrooms around the world; others are administrators or provide ongoing support through workshops and coaching. Each one creates playlists that reflect the needs of teachers and students today. They mix deep technological expertise, common core expectations, and culturally responsive teaching strategies to help teachers learn on the go—during recess periods—waiting in line at the grocery store—anywhere you can safely grab 10 minutes for yourself.


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