Online Equity Courses For Graduate Credit
This course section is specifically for individuals seeking graduate units through Seattle Pacific University (SPU). There are graded assignments due in order to receive credit. Students seeking units must register directly with SPU and pay required fees which are separate from the fee to take this course.

Online Equity Courses

Online professional development on a variety of topics focused on equity, self-reflection, and personal growth.


Trainer of Trainers

Epoch’s training certification is designed specifically for individuals who want to lead their school, district, or community toward a deeper understanding of the impact that race has on student achievement.


Teaching & Learning
Whether you are a new or experienced teacher, presenter or staff developer, these online courses will help you develop successful frameworks and strategies to ensure the work you care so deeply about translates into deep learning for all your learners.  

Youth Empowerment

Courses designed for youth which teachers can facilitate or students can do independently.

Book Study
Online book study is offered to anyone who has a sincere interest to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the systemic issues that plague the USA around race and who care deeply about social justice.