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Our training solutions for Education are delivered to clients in traditional face to face , as well as online to give you what you need how and when you need it! Epoch Education understands that Equity transformation takes time on task to change behavior and build capacity…we meet you where you are and support personal growth through Compassionate Dialogue that supports you to push against limiting beliefs and stereotypes.

Real-time training when you need it

School demographics are changing fast, and with that change comes misunderstandings and frustrations that can impede our abilities to positively impact and motivate our students. In order to keep up, school personnel require access to high quality training that will support their ongoing learning and build capacity to meet their students where they are. Epoch Educations’ online courses provide school personnel current, concrete information that can be implemented immediately in their work environments. The traditional face to face allows staff to engage in real time with each other as they tackle these complex topics. All of our trainings are designed to help you achieve your equity goals.

Keynote Speaking: Motivational keynotes personalized to your needs that provide the “WHY” to equity and diversity training.

Online Training:  A variety of topics are offered that focus on equity, self-reflection, and personal growth.

Face to Face Training: Engaging half day or full day options that support personal growth while building capacity.

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Making schools a place where everyone can succeed.

DDL’s online legal compliance courses provide effective and timely technical assistance to Districts, utilizing best practices to help you and your staff comply with the federal and state-mandated legal requirements that protect the rights of students, reduce the risk of potential liability, and create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students and staff. These courses are available individually or for a district cohort, you can also contact us to create a learning program that best meets your long term needs.

Legal Compliance: Provide up-to-date information and training on the legal requirements that must be followed to ensure that the actions of staff and the Governing Board comply with the law, protect the rights of students, and reduce the risk of potential liability.

Bullying: Examine the problem of bullying, highlight effective intervention and prevention strategies, discuss the overlap between Federal anti-discrimination laws and California Anti-bullying laws, and provide staff with practical examples and techniques for interrupting all forms of bullying.

Sexual Harassment: Training modules for Supervisors, Staff and Students provides an understanding of the legal requirements and uses  current real-world situations to help educators and students identify sexually harassing behaviors and implement effective intervention and prevention strategies.

Discipline:  Provides overview of the Education Code disciplinary code of conduct, with a focus on examining specific code sections that regularly confuse administrators.

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What Our Clients Say

I am happy to write this letter of recommendation for Dr. Nancy Dome.  She was our keynote speaker for our District’s Welcome back event in august.  We had over 900 employees, both classified and certificated in attendance and she kept everyone in the gymnasium captivated by her message.

Dr. Dome was motivating and appropriate.  She studied our District demographics and came prepared.  Our employees received a much better understanding of the importance of equity within an educational setting.  She drew clear lines between the “why” to the “how,” as she outlined how equity transformation can be a reality.  We appreciated and benefited from her dedication to making schools a place where everyone can succeed.  I highly recommend her as a keynote speaker to any school district.  She was energizing, engaging and timely with her message!

Sherry SmithAssistant Superintendent, Educational Services, San Juan Unified School DistrictTestimonial SJUSD