Dear Mama

Women’s History Month is a time to reflect on the amazing women who have created us, inspired us, and celebrated us throughout our lifetime. I have been blessed with so many phenomenal women in my life but there is one who has been by my side since day one and that is my mother. My parents came to this country with two kids, little money, and spoke almost no English. My mother did what all Sheroes do and got a job making minimum wage while raising her kids. She worked and went to school so that she could become something we would be proud of. Eventually, my mother became a Medical Assistant and proudly worked that job until retirement. My mother worked tirelessly to learn English and keep my brother and I in check, which was no easy feat! I remember growing up thinking she was unapologetically strict but I realize now how she was doing her best. I cannot imagine having to move to another country to start a new life and not knowing anyone. She made the ultimate sacrifice for her kids, ensuring them the future she did not have.

My mother’s life has not been easy; she has moved around more than she would have liked, she has changed jobs, and she lost one of her children but throughout it all she has persevered. While most people become selfish when grieving, my mother turns to volunteering to help her process through her grief. Even in the darkest times, my mother is a light; she shines bright and illuminates the world around her for others.

I think many people feel that their mothers are the best, and I don’t think anyone is wrong. My Sheroes joins the ranks of many other amazing women I am surrounded by. As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we remember the phenomenal women we have come from and have been inspired. It is these women who have created the world and life around us.

May we know them, love them, and most importantly, may we BE them.