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Graduate Credited Course – Brandman University

White, Not Racist And Guilt-Free [EDUU 9789]

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Instructor: Dr. Nancy Dome

Credits: 1 | Schedule: 4 weeks

When most people talk about race and ethnicity, they are, typically, discussing non-white people. Often white people do not see themselves as a group, but as distinct individuals. They may define themselves ethnically but not racially. In White, Not Racist, and Guilt Free, we provide a healthy and supporting strategy for white people to discover, embrace, and understand themselves as racial beings.

Course Work

Module 1: Who Am I?

What You’ll Learn

  • Listen: Race, Ethnicity, & Nationality Explained
  • Read: Becoming White
  • Assignment #1: From Theory to Practice
  • Forum Discussion: Identity Reflection

Module 2: The Unearned Gift

What You’ll Learn

  • Read: Why Stereotypes Are Bad Even When They’re Good
  • Read: Digging Into White Privilege
  • Assignment #2: From Theory to Practice
  • Reflection: Dominant & Subordinate Quiz
  • Forum Discussion: Defining White Privilege

Module 3: An Unwanted Curse

What You’ll Learn

  • Video: Individuality & Group Associations
  • Read: Scott Wood’s Quote
  • Assignment #3: From Theory to Practice
  • Forum Discussion: Understanding Your Impact

Module 4: Bias and Race

What You’ll Learn

  • Lesson: Understanding Your Biases
  • Assignment #4: From Theory to Practice
  • Forum Discussion: How Do You Show Up?


NOTE: This course section is specifically for individuals seeking graduate units through Seattle Pacific University (SPU) or Brandman University (BU). There are graded assignments due in order to receive credit. Students seeking units must register directly with SPU or BU and pay required fees which are separate from the fee to take this course.

26-WhiteNotRacistGuiltFree700x500px (1)

White, Not Racist And Guilt-Free [EDUU 9789]

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