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Our All Access Pass gives you a 1 year unlimited access from date of registration to all 14 online open enrollment courses (normally $1386).



  • Critical Race Theory: From Theory to Practice
  • Teaching Without Bias: Exploring How Race Influences Relationships
  • Leading Without Bias
  • White, Not Racist, and Guilt Free
  • Tragedy of Non-ness
  • Thriving in America as an Ethnically and Racially Conscious Person
  • Understanding the Skin That We Speak
  • Leveraging Privilege and Entitlement: Overcoming Barriers to Access and Equity
  • Let’s Talk About Race
  • Unpacking the Asian Model Minority Myth through Critical Race Theory
  • Addressing and Avoiding Microaggressions
  • Exploring The Intersection Between Implicit/Explicit Bias and Its Societal Implication On Race
  • Culturally Relevant Practices: Connecting with ALL Kids
  • The Letters of Equality: LGBTQ+

All Access Pass – 14 courses

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