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The Epoch Global Equity Community (GEC) is an online experience that invites its members to explore foundational concepts related to equity, inclusion, and racial identity. Monthly informational topics will be posted to support the community in meaningful discussions and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth. The community will support participants through guided and collaborative exploration of self as it relates to racial and identity development, as well as support the sharing of best practices to effectively transform our institutions to become more inclusive, not only in name but in practice.

GEC connects you with industry leaders and equity warriors who are committed to creating and fostering compassionate dialogues, as we start to address problems around diversity, equity and inclusion.

Once you join you can connect with Dr Nancy Dome, Mondays, in her ‘Ask Me Anything’ office hour, an intimate webinar setting where the only agenda item is to connect over DE&I topics of interest. More info and schedule here.

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