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Caroline Ticarro is recognized as one of the Most Infuential Asian Americans

Caroline Nguyen Ticarro, founder of the Catalyst Foundation, a non-profit helping to build stronger communities in rural areas of Vietnam by providing education, clean water, and resources to help fight sex trafficking of our most vulnerable victims: children.

Asian Premier Magazine’s Most Influential Asian Americans of 2022

As we look forward to a new year and new beginnings, let’s take a moment to recognize Asian Americans who have distinguished themselves through their extraordinary talents in the arts, philanthropy, and business. First on the list is Viet Thanh Nguyen, the affable Pulitzer Prize-winning author of “The Sympathizer.” Nguyen’s book sold over a million copies worldwide, and his literary influence shows no sign of declining. Since winning the Pulitzer Prize in 2016, he has become a regular op-ed writer and charismatic TV guest. Now, he can add screenwriter and producer to his illustrious résumé. In July 2021, Variety reported Nguyen’s best-selling book will be made into an HBO limited TV series, with Robert Downey Jr. as a producer and a co-star.

Another name to watch for is author Ly Ky Tran. Her searingly honest and moving coming-of-age memoir, “House of Stix,” has earned glowing reviews from top critics. Tran spoke about her ethnic Chinese-Vietnamese parents’ struggles in Vietnam, her family’s hardships in New York City, how she overcame depression, and her journey to self-discovery and finding her voice through writing.

Asians also continued to make waves in film. Award-winning playwright and TV/film writer Qui Nguyen co-wrote Disney’s animated film “Raya and the Last Dragon.” He succeeded with scripts because of his ability to tell stories that are close to his heart: his parents’ journey to America, a story marked by grit, courage, and uproarious humor.

In TV, Jackson Nguyen, the seven-time Emmy award-winning TV sports producer, is known for his well-crafted documentaries on boxing legends such as Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao and other sports figures from gymnastics to horse racing. Nguyen fortuitously began his career during the 2008 Beijing Olympics working for NBC. He later helped launch the popular HBO reality sports program “24/7. Director/producer Bao Nguyen has also carved his own path. He turned to Kickstarter crowdfunding to produce his movie “The Paper Tigers” after multiple Hollywood studios wanted to use “marketable” Caucasian faces instead of Asian actors.

Giving back matters now more than ever. Two leaders shared their stories with us: Duy-Loan Le, chairwoman of the Mona Foundation that empowers children and girls with education programs in 23 countries; and Caroline Nguyen Ticarro, founder of the Catalyst Foundation, a non-profit helping to build stronger communities in rural areas of Vietnam by providing education, clean water, and resources to help fight sex trafficking of our most vulnerable victims: children.

Other individuals have quietly made a difference through their work. For instance, Uyen Nguyen, a Seattle entrepreneur, whose family’s heartbreaking journey to find freedom in America has fueled her passion for immigrant advocacy. Last year, she co-founded Viets4Afghans, a volunteer coalition that helps Afghan refugees resettle in the United States. Her friend and cofounder, Thanh Tan, is a veteran journalist and exceptional storyteller whose words have compelled others to take action to support Afghan refugees.

In Southern California’s business world, Dr. Truc “Chuck” Le and his wife, Dr. Thanh-Huyen “Christine” Chung, have given back to their local communities. The esteemed doctors we profiled, including Dr. Triet Nguyen; Dr. Tina Quach; cardiologist Dr. Paul Truong; and Dr. Thinh “Thomas” Dang– all shared the spirit of philanthropy and have provided pro bono services for those in need throughout Orange County.

We are inspired by the personal stories of Thieu Hua, whose company–Platinum Manufacturing in Oklahoma–is the distinguished industry leader in designing and manufacturing custom trailers for clients worldwide. In California, Darren and Tiffany Nguyen’s teamwork resulted in their successful real-estate companies. Victoria H Vy Le, led the way in finance; and Mindy Luong manages more than 150 real-estate agents and staff.

And where would we be without our beloved “Tiger Mamas”? They rule the Asian households with a strong, quiet authority. We talked to one of the most hard-working and elegant Tiger Mamas, Lucy Le. She came to the U.S. in 1975 not speaking any English, penniless with three young children– all three later became prominent doctors. The Tiger Mamas’ sacrifices are limitless, and so is their love.
We are proud to feature these extraordinary women and men who have made an impact in their respective fields or a difference in the world. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to include everyone who has inspired us with their positive work and contributions to making society a better place. Nonetheless, we want to highlight and celebrate as many remarkable, influential Asians as possible on the following pages in the premier issue. We salute all of you.

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