An Inside Look at How Google Is Embracing Diversity

Like most tech companies, Google is comprised mainly of white males…by a wide margin. It is a situation Google is trying to move beyond, and it is commendably taking steps to address: from anti-bias training in order to help people in Human Resources recognize any internal biases they may harbor, to investing money in diverse communities to help develop the next generation of software engineers.
This move is not entirely without self-interest. Thomas Reuters, who created the first diversity index (an analysis of over 5,000 companies reduced to the top 100 standouts), has found that diverse companies create more innovative products, have happier customers, and enjoy better financial returns.
Google is also the most used search engine on the planet. If it wants to be able to better serve people of all ethnicities, then every race should be widely represented in the company’s make-up.
It is refreshing to see a company boldly trying to diversify its staff–not out of a desire to gain tax incentives or meet affirmative action mandates–but because they see the benefits of having a diverse workforce, and understand how this can help them better serve the public. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, companies that embrace cultural diversity will have more opportunity to flourish and grow, while those that resist will only stagnate, and in time, become irrelevant to the global conversation. Read the full Fortune article Here