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About Us

We are a diversity and inclusion consultancy. We work with school districts, companies, nonprofits, and other organizations. We believe that when we see each other’s humanity and engage clearly and compassionately with one another, we can transform issues of inequity and exclusion to equitable and inclusive innovative solutions.

Through online study, coaching, training and collaborative learning partnerships, we help individuals and organizations identify and implement the tools and approaches that create the relationships that help you personally expand and build bridges in your school, workplace or community.

We grow as we practice what we teach: with our clients, with each other and throughout our lives.

Our Mission:

Transforming the way we engage with each other to challenge inequities and create a more inclusive world, one relationship at a time.

Our Vision:

Epoch education provides quality equity tools, services and virtual resources that support the transformation of individuals so organizational cultures can become fully inclusive.

Our Values and Value Statements


We are committed to building respectful, honest, and compassionate relationships as the foundation of our professional and personal equity work.


We are committed to continuously learning and developing the practices and habits of self-reflection, clear communication, and evaluation which creates sustainability.

Growth Mindset

We are committed to being solution oriented by cultivating a growth mindset and seeking out multiple perspectives and insights.

Access & Respect

We are committed to providing access to tools and resources that support transformational growth for individuals and organizations.

Product Rigor

We are committed to continuous evaluation and innovative design of our products to ensure they are rigorous, timely and meaningful to promote best practices.


We are committed to supporting the empowerment of all stake holders through a clear mission and vision that guides our practice and utilizes our skills and strengths.

Our Team

Dr. Nancy Dome
| Co-Founder & CEO | Headshot | Bio

Dr. Nancy Dome is a renowned speaker and leader on Equity in school systems and workplaces with over 20 yrs in the education field as a child care worker, a teacher, and a professor.


She has provided professional development to school districts and educational agencies throughout the U.S. Her expertise and experience supports transformative culture change, providing the trainings, tools, and leadership to diverse organizations. Through an innovative approach to learning, Epoch Education provides online courses accessible to clients in real time with relevant content. Dr. Dome’s approach is to meet clients where they are and to help them reach measurable goals that, ultimately, change the educational experience and outcomes for ALL students.


Nancy works with several community groups in Sonoma, is a group mentor, and enjoys supporting local performing arts. Her time to unwind and relax is spent in Montana with friends and the outdoors.

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Dora J. Dome, JD
| Co-Founder | Headshot

Dora J. Dome, J.D., attorney, author, professor and renowned speaker has practiced Education Law for over 20 years, focusing on student issues and special education.


Ms. Dome’s legal compliance trainings provide up-to-date information and guidance on how to ’stay legal’ in the areas of Special Education, Student Discipline, Counseling and Mandated Reporting, Sexual Harassment, Discriminatory Harassment and Section 504.  Ms. Dome has published several books that provide guidance to administrators and families on the student discipline process, which is also available in Spanish. She was a keynote panelist for the Gay & Lesbian Athletics Foundation presentation on “Race and Racism in LGBT Athletics” and presented at the NCAA Black Coaches Association Annual Conference on “Homophobia in Sports.” She also lecturers at the University of California at Berkeley for the Education Law and Policy in Principal Leadership Institute (PLI) Program.


In her spare time, Dora enjoys traveling, staying active through various sports activities, and spending time with her family and her new grandbaby.

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Kelly Cole
| Equity Trainer | Headshot | Bio

Kelly Cole, M.A., has over 20 years experience as a group facilitator, educator, community advocate, and ceremonialist.


She is experienced and skilled at co-creating safe spaces where adults, young people, and children can experience and express themselves as empowered beings. Her prior work with the non-profits, Alternatives for Girls and Planned Parenthood, centered on creating workshops and facilitating crucial conversations in a variety of community settings. As an Equity Trainer with Epoch Education, she supports leaders and staff to increase the cultural competency of their organizations. Kelly’s work with educational clients focuses on creating and sustaining equitable education opportunities for children of color and other marginalized students.


Kelly currently sits on the board of the nonprofit, Empowerment4Girls. She also enjoys making music and being out on the land in Joshua Tree where she resides with her partner and puppy.

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Marlecia Autrey
| Equity Trainer | Headshot | Bio

Marlecia Autrey, M.A., has over 20 years as an educator, facilitator, coach, and staff development manager. Starting as a teacher in the classroom, her work has been inspired by Shirley Chisholm’s quote,


“One learns by participating in the situation—listening, observing and then acting.” She incorporates these words into action combining her extensive knowledge of curriculum, staff development, school systems and expert facilitation skills. She supports the client’s Equity work by developing current, relevant workshops and coursework. Marlecia brings her strong educational background to her coaching and guided conversations about race. Her  vision is to support the creation of spaces that are conducive to learning, growing and thriving especially for the most underserved populations.


Marlecia also enjoys listening to live musical performances and writing.

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Janecia Rolland
| Equity Trainer | Headshot | Bio

Janecia Rolland is a Marriage and Family Therapist/Professional Clinical Counseling Trainee. Janecia received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and minor in Sociology from California State University, San Bernardino. She will complete her M.A. in Marriage and Family therapy at Brandman University. Janecia believes in providing a non-bias, non judgement, safe space to grow.


Janecia’s focus is to partner with her clients and together, address issues and/or concerns in life. Janecia enjoys working with individuals, couples, teens and young adults with addressing issues such as: spiritual concerns, anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, communication, parenting challenges, setting healthy boundaries, healing, personal growth, decision making and overall life transitions.

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Carlos Da Silva
| Equity Trainer | Headshot | Bio

Carlos Da Silva is a facilitator and coach supporting businesses, organizations, schools and educational agencies.


He integrates workplace and classroom practices combined with onsite/online training, and actionable strategies to ensure cultural competency. With over 10 years experience serving youth through workshops, physical movement programs, and personal coaching, he helps others align mind, body, and soul. As an Equity Trainer and public speaker for Epoch Education, he helps clients create and sustain diverse and inclusive cultures. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Mr. Da Silva inspires others to broaden their understanding of the many ways that race, cultural, and diversity intersect to influence who we are. He welcomes the unique attributes that create cultures, and works to join hands with those looking to create a world void of racism, bigotry, and misunderstanding of what it means to be different.


Carlos is also the CEO/Choreographer for the evolutionary program, Body Déjà Vu Fitness. He also enjoys spending time outdoors and off-grid with his partner and two dogs.

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Suzanne daRosa
| Project Manager

Suzanne supports Epoch Education in developing integrated social marketing, blogging, website development and maintenance.

She oversees backend support for digital platform and relationships with partner universities offering graduate credit for online courses.


She has lived in and traveled extensively throughout Mexico developing business relationships with folk artists throughout Mexico and produced a video documentary about the tin artisans of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Founder of the Glen Ellen Community Center, she has worked extensively with children of Sonoma Valley.

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Jasper James
| Social Media Manager

Clients & Partners

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Join Our Team

Equity Trainer

Epoch EducationTraining the World for Diversity

We are a diversity and inclusion consultancy. We work with school districts, companies, nonprofits, and other organizations. We believe that when we see each other’s humanity and engage clearly and compassionately with one another, we can transform issues of inequity and exclusion to equitable and inclusive innovative solutions.  We help individuals and organizations identify and implement the tools and approaches that create relationships that foster personal expansion, bridge building within schools, workplaces and communities.

Position:  Equity Trainer (can be full time employee or part time contractor) – This position is key to our organization’s success as this role represents our company directly with our clients and deploys our unique training protocols and strategies to ensure our client’s success. If you would like to be considered for this position, please read the description below and email your resume for consideration to hello [at] epocheducation [dot] com.

Key Responsibilities (include, but are not limited to, the following):

In-Person Training

  • Delivery of our proprietary diversity, equity and inclusion content to clients, which includes client assessment through an equity lens, content customization to address client specific issues, RASCI Model/Planning Meeting and solution design and implementation.

Online Course Design, Facilitation and Coaching

  • Develop topic research, module creation, setting adjustments and quiz creation.
  • Facilitate online discussions, provide ongoing feedback to clients, assign grades and log-in / account support.
  • Provide one-on-one and small group coaching to participants on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Use adult learning techniques, tools and technologies to engage participants in effective digital learning.


  • Attend conferences several times per year or as needed.  In addition to attendance, Equity Trainers are expected to set-up and manage Epoch booth and may be asked to present at a breakout conference session.


  • Present specific messaging curated for the client to both small and large audiences with confidence, passion and practical application that inspires, informs and help attendees become change agents.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Successfully implement, facilitate and oversee a comprehensive set of diversity, equity and inclusion based training programs;
  • Write training curriculum consistent with current diversity, equity and inclusion trends, which include a broad understanding of bias, inclusive classroom teaching and leadership, mobilizing and empowering employee/student voices and change management to create systemic equity throughout workplace and/or school cultures;
  • Communicate respectfully and effectively across a wide range of participants;
  • Model equity in communication and facilitation to help participants who may have divergent views to listen, be heard and effectively resolve conflict;
  • Work independently and exercise sound independent decision making skills;
  • Establish new training protocols and deliver exceptional training seminars on-location;
  • Comfortable presentation and workshop skills with audiences of up to 500 people;
  • Travel as needed to complete job requirements;
  • Work effectively to meet agreed-upon deadlines, which include client preparation, content customization and delivery and timely follow-up;
  • Know your WHY: Understand the vision, mission and values as they relate to who you are and your role;

Position Requirements:

  • Successful completion of an undergraduate and graduate education or professional equivalents;
  • Organized and capable of managing multiple clients in a fast-paced industry;
  • Experienced in leading organizations through systemic change;
  • Strong understanding of leadership through phases of transition and/or principles of adaptive leadership;
  • Demonstrated and undeniable ability to exercise independent judgment and sound independent decision-making skills;
  • Skilled as a corporate trainer or educator/teacher with deep knowledge and proficiency in culturally relevant teaching;
  • Proven track record in racial equity education, leadership and professional development;
  • Eager and passionate at teaming with others at a high level of functioning;
  • Consistent record of maintaining punctual completion of training requirements and job collaboration demands;
  • Effective independent decision-making skills;

Preferred Requirements:

  • Teaching credentials and/or teaching experience;
  • Corporate training experience

We grow as we practice what we teach: with our clients, with each other and throughout our lives. Consider joining our team and helping us make a difference in the World.

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