A black photographer and Indian reporter were doing their jobs by a school. Someone called the cops.

Police were recently called to respond to a situation near Davis Elementary School where a “Hispanic-looking woman and black man with a suspicious truck and camera” were seen “loitering”. The suspects turned out to be nothing more than a reporter and her cameraman shooting a story for the evening news. The responding officer, Laurie Hunter, immediately recognized that the reporter, Homa Bash, and her photographer, C.J. Johnson, did not represent a threat. The encounter, which took place in Texas, prompted Bash to share her story on Twitter, striking a nerve with many, and gaining thousands of retweets, as well as many responses detailing similar experiences of racial profiling. Not only were fellow journalists sympathetic, but members of law enforcement also voiced their frustration with the many calls they receive of “suspicious activity” that involve nothing more than people of color doing everyday things. Calls like this are a gross misuse of police resources. In the time it took for the police officer to respond to a nonsensical situation, a real call could have come in that actually required her immediate attention. This was not a case of a masked man loitering in front of a bank, or someone in a neighborhood late at night with a flashlight and crowbar in hand. These were simply two professionals doing their jobs, and is another reminder that while we have come a very long way in the past few decades, racism is still very much alive in America.  Read the Full Story Here: